On location

I love outdoor sessions!!! These are the perfect way to capture your child in a relaxed and natural environment. Popular locations are local parks or local countryside which is right on our doorstep, or a location that’s meaningful to you and your family.

Outdoor photo shoots can by styled and have some formal poses or they can be completely natural and I’ll capture your family in a relaxed and unposed way.

You are welcome to bring along your family dog if you wish as well as other family members.

Sessions can take place at any time of year and make the most of the changing seasons, Cherry blossoms and Bluebells in spring, autumnal colours in Autumn are fabulous and you can wrap up really warm for Winter shoots. Little ones really enjoy slinging their wellies on and splashing in puddles and these make great memories for you to look back on in years to come. Below are some tips and advice on what to wear for your session.


Avoid matching outfits and everyone in the image wearing solid colors at the same time, coordinate your outfits but do not match them! Look at other peoples albums and take some inspiration from what others have worn in their portrait session. neutrals work well with a few colourful brights or try a softer palette that has different tonal ranges of the same shades. softer tones tend to work better within an image. Avoid wearing clothing with prints and patterns including logos and harsh graphics as it can be very distracting.

Patterns can sometimes work, it can add visual interest and texture but in moderation! Just make sure everyone else in the photo is wearing plain.


Think about subtle props but keep them simple and meaningful. A handful of natural flowers that coordinate with a dress you child might be wearing: a vintage camera, a favorite stuffed toy etc. If you have something special such as a heirloom or a special blanket that grandma knitted bring this along so we can incorporate this in your images to personalize them but don’t let a prop become a distraction it has to make sense.


Layers and textures can look beautiful and add depth, I love using multiple textures and layers within my work especially if we are going with the more muted neutral earthy tones. One of the ways to achieve this is to layer clothing with different materials or use crochet, embroidery, lace, hand knit items, ribbons, ruffles. All these things work really well.


The choice of shoes can make or break an outfit , trainers are generally a no go, unless you want to rock some funky Converse that go with the feel of the session. Think about coordinating shoes with other colors within the outfit, a pair of colourful flats could be just whats needed. Think about matching your shoes with another persons accessory such as a scarf, it doesn’t necessarily have to match what you are wearing yourself.

Sometimes it may be more appropriate in a particular shot to go bare foot, especially if you’ll be sitting in poses where the soles of shoes can be seen. That never looks pretty. Funky socks can always add a bit of interest to an image too, think out of the box -it can make all the difference to the end result.


Think about how the images will be displayed and how they are being used, for example if you intend to use the image for a Christmas card dress wintery, work with the seasons not against them in terms of color for example you may want to wear a splash of mustard or use earthy tones in Autumn.

Where will the images be displayed? If you are planning to hang the prints in your daughter’s room then maybe you would prefer to dress her pretty in pink. If you are thinking of hanging the prints in your main living area you might want to consider going with softer shades.


Think about the location, your outfit should compliment your surroundings for instance if your session was located in the countryside or a rustic barn you may want to dress in something which has a vintage twist to it, you may like to add a vintage tin or a basket with flowers in it. If your session was within an urban setting then it would look out of place. You may then want to wear a cap and pull out those Converse pumps! Select a location then think about your wardrobe, use the internet for inspiration.


If your thinking of visiting a salon give it a week or so to grow a little before your session so it looks more natural.

DONT make everyone wear the same colour, matching looks boring and dated.

Avoid everyone wearing the same colours within the colour palette, if you use the same colours then use different tones within that colour range.

Avoid current trends that may go out of fashion soon, they will become dated and so will your pictures. Stay timeless with what you choose to wear.

No bright white socks or trainers unless its a simple pump such as Converse, vans or similar.

Remove watches or jewellery, that may not complement your overall look.